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We do not say, “I love you” to a bitch, and moreover it is useless. In fact, whores have existed for a long time and until the infinite, because yes, the girl of the bitch is a whore and so on. So, even if we adopted the anti-whore law, they found better than the street to sell her body, the net!

But who is the whore?

All the girls were born some whores, since Eve, we are all. But many are devoted to her companions and others cannot find or want more than one companion. Nevertheless, several phenomena related to the sexuality of some women class in the concept of a girl or woman not very wise. Whores provoke, attract, dare, play and finally they enjoy. They live life according to their body and their ability to dominate their intimacy. In this world where everything is paid for water, air, space and time, remunerating or tariff sex always shocks the world and causes scandals displaced times.

The slut exposes itself in the online storefront

The exhibition of “Expo Porn” will take place in a few months, yes, it will be for this year. To discover its taste, you can already click and observe the feminine insults convent most of the stands, and this crown named “slut” makes noise in social networks. Etymologically, it comes from the word “dirty” and “hoopoe”, a small bird that stinks. And then, quickly, the term “slut” was charged with moral connotations. It’s funny, but the young people of the 80s are stuck, and they treat modern women as slutty, because for them women should have an ethos that is not so easy to wear also in the era of kings. To believe that we are a bitch when we fight so that men can give us respect.

So, this bitch is only an insult because they are the ones who make the world turn and obviously men cannot live without whores.

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