Admire what real anal power pounding is !

Anal sex is a good practice between homosexuals, but it can also be exciting for a straight couple, because you get more excited by anal.

Succeeding in anal sex

Anal sex means making love through the asshole. It is indeed the hole that poops, but it is only a passage of poop, so it is not dirtying this hole if it has been well washed. Ideally, you should have a bowel movement 30 minutes before the procedure. When you play this kind of sex game, you also have to be well prepared. The body takes some of the distress out of the massage, and the foreplay will have to be longer. Do it in a very quiet place, or, since it is getting closer to the cold season, in a heated slab. With good smell and soft music, it should be in a perfect atmosphere.

The couple is looking forward to testing anal sex

A couple who have been married for a few years are finally getting into anal sex. The purpose of vixen porn is not to hurt, but to feel this desire for orgasm in your head. So, women have this habit of discovering the penis that will enter her vagina. She sucks his penis to measure his size, and also his balls to put the man in extreme excitement. She finally undresses because she is reassured and then asks her partner to suck her to excite her. Once the pussy is wet enough, we start the classic sex. We can first start toying with our due this asshole, to enter a finger, then two, even more lubricant and it can enter the ass.

The anal canal zigzags, and then the walls are a little crocodile, like a non-slip area, it's not smooth like the vagina. Be careful, you can have hard sex in anal position, as long as the girl is not in pain.

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