I Gave My Boyfriend a Blow Job

All who love sex necessarily love scenes with long blowjobs. It's even better when the girl has a deep throat. In this porn site, the girl tells her columns with her boyfriend who will be delighted to get sucked greedily by the latter. In addition, all was not premeditated when the purpose is the most exquisite.

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My boyfriend is a amateur blowjob and I know perfectly. It was an afternoon on it was played for I know not what. Then he gave me his mouth and he knows that I hate it. Then I wanted to apologize and seek forgiveness in the only way he knows. In fact, he loves oral sex and more, he knows I'm doing very well. That's when I approached him offering him to go to a private place for that I apologize. He first pretended to have heard nothing because he really wanted to believe that I wanted a lot. But I perfectly know his weak point which I intend to use for it. I then whispered to toe I was sorry and wanted to make amends by doing what he loved him.

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When he hears this, he will not think twice and even pull me in a quiet and intimate place. He kissed me and then began to open his fly I take care to big cock. I went down and then I unbuttoned the rest of his fly. Once the stage of successful shorts, I finally had access to his cock and I began to masturbate with my right hand. After which a stroke, I put the entire length of his cock in my mouth and I swallowed completely. I then come and go with my mouth while my hands were playing with two balls. I continued in this direction with one hand, my mouth, lick and then another hand until he moaned with pleasure. I knew then he would enjoy so I increased the pace with my mouth for him to enjoy it. He squirt his cum on my tongue, I felt the salty taste a tad and I swallowed everything.

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